She was hesitating, standing in front of the door opening on her own inside secret garden. She loves colours, perfumes, flowers and the feeling of being in a jungle. This one, can be messy or well organised as a british garden. Inside her, she was feeling uplifted by the idea to open the door and create her own world, her own miracle. The one that the energy of the Magician in the Tarot deck is able to manifest. She was inspired to let her fantasy draw a beautiful landscape.
What’s inside it ? Will she open the door ?

As she was imagining this all scénario, she was definetly too tempted and she finally opened the door. The jungle door , there was a palm trees Avenue surrounded by luxurious and exotic plants. The air was hot and wet, the sounds of birds was inviting her to follow her Journey into the depth Forest. She arrived at the end of the avenue opening on a wonderful view. There was in front of her a marvellous beach and over there a huge cliff. She was naturally attracted by the sea and was thrilled to take a bath so she get into the refreshing water and then started to jump into the waves and play unknown people appeared around her also enjoying the tide of the sea. Suddently, while they were looking for a new wave, they had to wait longer because the wave was becoming bigger and arrived at the bottom of the cliff with a terrific strength. Big one ! However, as she was staring the horizon, searching for another one as everybody, the same scenario occured but this time, the wave was enormous, attracting/absorbing all the water of the soil and creating a large strip of white sand extending the existing beach. But it was too huge !!! And the People started to wonder if they could survive to it as the crest was higher than a building and everybody started to run.

So, she decided to run to, to escape, to live. She crossed the jungle, jungle, she was wondering when and how the wave would hit the cost. So, following her survival instinct, she tried to go straight, hoping to avoid the tsunami. Finally, she saw a small street illuminated by lanterns and followed the light. She arrived at a crossed-road, at her left the harbour, weirdly calm, she was frightened to see the wave, but she saw nothing, it was already the night and she was enable to see the sea. Then, she looked at her right and it was the extension of the main thoroughfare of an old city; a bit similar to Pompei, simple houses with a basalt stone pavement. She was able to feel centuries of history in this city, but nobody was in the street. Everything was cool, calm and empty.

Why this town was empty? Why she was not able to hear the wave coming? Where was the inhabitants? because it might have at least some as a lot of buildings were enlightened.
Of course, she decided to continue and took the left path. At one moment, as she was walking, she heard rumors at a floor of a bar, so she went upstairs to ask people what was going on. And, as she was climbing the stairs two by two, she was just hearing the sound of her own step. At the bar, nodody, it was deserted. She was pretty scared because she was sure that she catched conversations, even load chats, so she started to run. At the ground floor, in the street, she checked the harbour which was still peaceful. She saw the beginning of a hill on her left and supposed that she would be safer at the top of the hill. Arriving at the peak, she had a look at the moon, the sky was amazing, full of stars and still no wave, no sound and then a firework started. First, she was surprised but at that point she just wanted to think that she was safe and enjoyed all the beautiful colours in the dark sky and the tambourine vibration fulfilling her mind, her soul and her body. It was like an incredible relief and a huge wave of satisfaction scanned her. She was ready to close the door of the secret garden behind her!

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1st picture from the german photographer Masood Anwar

A German photographer had fixed 16 cameras to get this shot for which he had to wait for 62 days. See the moon and sun together. This can be only seen again in 2035. Enjoy the shot.” Masood Anwar

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